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Progression is an end-game raiding guild. We run heroics and support our members in gearing-up. We are a family oriented site and insist on a well-behaved membership. There is a lot of game left with 2.4 and Lich King. Our goal is to have our guild to fully support members and their alts to get geared-up for end-game, get the necessary training for the various raids, to successfully farm dungeons, and to continually attack new content. Prospective members need to be Level 70 and have the quest for getting keyed for Kara. You need to be devoted to raiding and learning your character. In end-game raiding each player must play a specific role and not 'wild cat'. Just like a Broadway play, you need to develop your skills and learn your lines. Guild management are the stage hands to support the raiders. Raid leaders are the directors. Raiders are the ones on-stage and have the fun of performance in a well-tuned group. Epic loot is the applause after the performance. We all like applause. Lol
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